Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

What information do we collect?

DesignHouse Barna collect various information, some provided by you when you contact us, some provided by third parties and some captured automatically while you use our website.

Contact Information.

We collect your contact information when you submit any forms, such as the contact form, on our website. This can include your email, phone number, name, company name and ip address.

Device information.

We collect information about the device you use while connecting to the DesignHouse Barna website, this is dependent on what your device and internet service provider(ISP) make available. This information may include your operating system, hardware version, device settings, screen size, browser type, ISP, language, time zone, gps location and IP address.

Third Party Information.

We receive information about you and your activities from social media and/or from certain service providers.

How do we use this information?

DesignHouse Barna are passionate about providing the best service and experience for our customers and users of our website. Information that we gather is used to enhance your experience with DesignHouse Barna and to provide the best possible service.

Provide and Enhance Services.

To provide the best service for you we use this information to better understand how you interact with the content and functionality on the DesignHouse Barna website. For example knowing the device that is connecting to our website allows us adjust functionality, content and size of the content on a page in order for it to display in the best format for a particular screen size.
The information also helps us understand which content and functionality we need to either enhance, remove or add in order to ultimately provide you with the best possible experience.

We also use the information we have gathered to provide you with links to content or special offers which we feel may interest you. If we have your location information we can tailor content that is most suited to this location.

Communicate with you.

We use information provided by you to reply to your requests, to update you on the status of your project, to let you know of any changes to our terms or privacy policy and to deliver valuable articles on digital marketing or web design. All subscription emails you receive from DesignHouse Barna provide you with an option to unsubscribe, preventing you from receiving any further emails.

Provide a safe and secure website.

We use information we have gathered to help verify certain activity and to investigate any suspicious activity or any violations of our terms and policies.

We use cookies

Cookies are small files which are stored on a user’s computer. They are designed to hold a modest amount of data specific to a particular client and website, and can be accessed either by the web server or the client computer. Most browser provide ways to control if and how cookies are stored or retrieved, ¬†they also allow you to delete all cookies stored on your client. Please refer to your browsers help section for more information.

How we use cookies.

DesignHouse Barna use cookies to track the pages visited and activity carried out by a client. We also use cookies to store form information in order to populate forms with data previously submitted in order to save time. The information we store and retrieve from cookies help us to provide a better experience for our users and customers and also help make our website more secure.

Third party cookies.

DesignHouse Barna use functionality provided by google, linkedin, twitter and facebook to help track the effectiveness of our website and advertisements. To see the how our providers use cookies please click on the links to each.


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